Wrecks in Sardinia: 5 dive sites for really adventurous divers

Sardinia wreck diving

The scuba diving in Sardinia is one of the many attractions of the island.  And just for more adventurous divers there are 5 special dive sites: they are the ones that will let you discover the wrecks under the sea of Cagliari.

  1. Romagna. It’s a tanker built in 1899. It was hit by a mine on the August 2, 1943, while it was directed to Cagliari to provide fuel to the planes based in the city. The wreck is 39 meters under the water, some kilometers far from Capo Sant’Elia. Today it’s the “home” of breams, damselfishes, congers, groupers and sponges.
  2. Ancient Roman boats. Capo Spartivento, in the gulf of Teulada, one of the most known and beloved places from divers. Thanks to the rocky walls of the stacks that arrives at a depth of 40 meters, where the sandy seabed starts. But also for the presence of archeological finds of the Roman Age, statement of the shipwrecks that happened in that zone.
  3. Entella. This ship, which was 30 meters long, carried carbons and was torpedoed by an English submarine in 1943. It’s 15 meters under the sea, so the dive is not so difficult, and it’s populated by breams, mullets and Alicia Mirabilis. The wreck is near the bay of Solanas, near Capo Carbonara, always in South Sardinia.
  4. Isonzo. One of the most yearned ship by the diving lovers. The Isonzo is a war ship of big dimension (about 80 meters long) which is located 56 meters under the sea in the gulf of Cagliari. The dive is really hard, not because of the depth, but also for the strong  streams.
  5. Egle. Another sunken cargo ship from the Second world war. It’s on the seabed of the gulf of Cagliari, about 25 meters under the sea. The site could be reached by Capo Boi. You can go in the hold of the ship by entering a gash on the right side. The Egle is full of hooks, lines and rests of nets: this dive is really dangerous.

Will the wrecks in the gulf of Cagliari  be the destination of your dives during your next holiday in Sardinia? Great choice, but don’t forget an important advice: these dives are only for expert divers.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/claudioaccheri

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