What to see in Ogliastra region: the beauty of Sardinia

What to see in OgliastraSardinia is a great and wide land, waiting to be discovered. But there is a region that seems to concentrate the best of what this Mediterranean island has to offer: the caves, beaches, history, mountains. We are talking about the Ogliastra region. And these are the most important things to see.

Arbatax – The coastal hamlet of the municipality of Tortolì. Arbatax is one of the main tourist areas in the Ogliastra region. Famous for its red rocks, cliffs of red porphyry that plunges directly into the sea. The Red Rocks are the symbol of the entire town.

Gennargentu – A large mountain range that lies in the heart of Sardinia, composed of a succession of rounded hills. Hikers have several routes to discover it (as Gola di Gorropu, Tiscali and Forest Montarbu). Those who want to travel more comfortably can ride the Green Train of Arbatax.

Beaches – In Sardinia there are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and the Ogliastra is certainly not less. Cala Luna, Cala Sisine, Cala Biriola, Cala Mariolu, Cala Goloritzé, Porto Frailis and San Gemiliano: all names that evoke paradises as facts of pristine sand and sea of the intense blue color. The most famous is Cala Luna, a name earned thanks to the cobalt blue sea.

Caves – Ogliastra is also famous for its caves, each of which is a work of art of nature, such as Su Marmuri, Taquisara cave, Su Meraculu cave. And especially Fico cave, in Baunei, opening of which is located in the limestone cliffs of Orosei Gulf.

Excursions – If these are the things to see in the region Ogliastra, there are also excursions to do to some small and picturesque towns such as Bari Sardo, Jerzu, Ussassai, and to the forests Bingionniga (characteristic for the so called heels dell’Ogliastra) and Montarbu.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/fabiogis50

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