Villasimius: a small paradise for snorkelers

snorkeling in Villasimius

Mask, fins and snorkel are the first things that you put in your suitcase. And for you there is no holiday without exploring the sea of the chosen destination. If this is your case, we have a good tip for you: Villasimius is one of the best places for snorkeling in Sardinia.


The best places for snorkeling in Villasimius

  • Secca di Santa Caterina: granite walls and masses that arrive at a depth of 30 meters; the submarine landscape is very varied.
  • Variglioni di Serpentara: on the surface you can see polished granite rocks, under the sea it’s a succession of tunnels, rocky gorges and underwater passages where mullets, breams and croakers live.
  • Nave dei cavoli: the origin of the name (literally “ship of cabbages”) is a peculiar rock formation, in the middle of a sea grass meadow, that looks like the prow of a ship.


Not only snorkeling

Don’t forget that Villasimius is one of the most famous tourist destinations along the southern coast of Sardinia: the beaches of Villasimius are the ideal place for those who want a holiday dedicated solely to relaxation. Some examples? There are Campulongu, Simius, cala Burroni, cala Caterina, la spiaggia di Porto Su Nuraxi.


How to get there

Have you decided to visit Villasimius to go snorkeling in a fabulous sea? Now you just need to know how to get there. From Cagliari, take the county road 17 and follow the signs to Villasimius: about one hour travel and you’ll plunge in a sea like the one in the picture.


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