How to sleep on the ferry to Sardinia: the 3 situations and advices for you

sleep on a ferry to Sardinia

You want to travel at night, so you won’t miss a day of your next vacation. However, as you surely know, the journey lasts several hours (from eight to fourteen, depending on the port of departure and on the port of arrival). Precisely for this reason, you’re asking: how to sleep on the ferry to Sardinia?

Depending on the type of accommodation you have booked, three different situations may occur, and for each of them there are specific tips to follow.


1. Cabin

If you have booked a cabin for this ferry trip to Sardinia, the problem is solved: with this solution, you will have a sort of small room all for you, equipped with one or more beds, where you can comfortably sleep. Once arrived on the island, you’ll feel perfectly rested.

In particular, we recommend you to book a cabin:

  • If you’ll travel with animals (on the ferries there are specific cabins equipped for the needs of your four-legged friends);
  • If you travel with children, they always need different things (from food to games) that you can keep in the cabin.


2. Seat/armchair

The seats are located in special rooms and can be booked, so you will be sure to have a place where to sit for the duration of the trip. On these seats, you may even be able to sleep for a few hours. Depending on the shipping company, the seats may be rigid (similar to those of trains) or padded (therefore much more comfortable).


3. Ferry-deck seat

By booking this solution, you will spend the trip on the upper deck of the ship (which, we have to specify it, does not mean you will travel en plain air). Sleeping on a ferry-deck seat, better to warn you, is extremely uncomfortable. It would be, however, preferable to book a cabin.


A final specification if we talk about how to sleep on ferries to Sardinia: even when embarking a vehicle, such as a car or camper, during the journey it is not possible to sleep in the vehicle.


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