Where to dive in Sardinia: the 5 best places from north to south

scuba diving in Sardinia

A limpid sea full of life. With varied backdrops, all to explore. This is the dream for all diving enthusiasts. And there is a place that can offer you just this. You only need to know where to dive in Sardinia: these five are, by far, the best places.


North Sardinia

These are the four most beautiful places in the northern part of Sardinia for diving:

  • Tavolara. A wonderful idea for an excursion from Golfo Aranci could turn into a golden opportunity to immerse yourself in the sea of ​​this side of Sardinia. The depths around the island of Tavolara are a succession of caves, submarine landslides, natural amphitheatres, and canyons.
  • La Maddalena. One of the most beautiful islands in the entire Mediterranean, and the sea that surrounds it is not far behind. Rocks, shoals and submarine peaks make the depths of this area very varied, all to be explored. The Maddalena Archipelago National Park is also recommended for a bit of “simple” snorkeling.
  • Santa Teresa di Gallura. You move to the northern part of Sardinia. The best points of Santa Teresa di Gallura for diving are Capo Testa and Lavezzi islands. Capo Testa is characterized by the presence of large boulders that form unique scenarios. Instead the Lavezzi islands, in the middle of the Bocche di Bonifacio, are known above all for the great richness of underwater life.
  • Asinara. Cala Reale, with its underwater archaeological site, is certainly the most impressive dive. But it is not the only one: around the Asinara other points for diving are Cala Tumbarino, Punta Agnadda and Punta Pedra Bianca.


Southern Sardinia

The “queen” of dives in southern Sardinia is without a doubt her: Cagliari. Near the Sardinian capital, the best spots for diving are the beaches of Quartu Sant’Elena and Poetto, and the promontories of Capo Teulada, Capo Carbonara and Sella del Diavolo. For the more experienced there are also four wreck dives.


Wreck diving

This idea is the exclusive prerogative of the most experienced (and most adventurous) divers. You must know, in fact, that the sea floors of Sardinia are dotted with several wrecks. Some of the most beautiful wreck dives are the Romagna, the Entella and the ancient Roman ships off Capo Spartivento.



If the dives are too demanding but you would still like to discover the depths of Sardinia even if in a slightly simpler way, you can opt for snorkeling. The places not to be missed, just by way of example, are Cala Gonone, Riviera del Corallo and Stintino.


How to get

Have you packed all the equipment you need for diving? So now you just have to book a place on one of the ferries to Sardinia, which will take you to the destination you have chosen from those that we have suggested.

One last tip: board a car on the ferry, so you can bring all the necessary equipment with you.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/heavybrain

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