Scuba diving in Sardinia: the most beautiful sites

Scuba diving in SardiniaA crystal sea with a seabed full of life: this is the dream set for any diver. There is one place where all this is possible: Sardinia. You only need to know where are the most beautiful scuba dive sites.

Tavolara – A wonderful idea for an excursion from Golfo Aranci could turn into a golden opportunity to plunge into the sea on this side of Sardinia. The seabed around the island of Tavolara is characterized by a series of caves, underwater landslides, natural amphitheatres, canyons.

Cagliari – You cannot miss the Sardinian capital on the list of the best dive sites of Sardinia. Near Cagliari the best spots for wearing your diving gear and scuba tanks are the beaches of Quartu Sant’Elena and Poetto, and also the headlands of Cape Teulada, Capo Carbonara and Sella del Diavolo. For those who are more experienced, there are also four wreck diving sites.

La Maddalena – One of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean, and the sea that surrounds it is no less so. Rocks, sandbanks and underwater peaks make the depths of this area very varied, all to explore. The National Park of the La Maddalena archipelago is also recommended for a bit of “simple” snorkeling.

Santa Teresa di Gallura – This is the norh side of Sardinia. The best locations of Santa Teresa di Gallura for diving are Capo Testa and Secca Lavezzi. Capo Testa is characterized by the presence of large boulders forming unique scenarios, while Secca Lavezzi, in the middle of the Strait of Bonifacio, is best known for its rich underwater life.

Asinara – Still in northern Sardinia, in front of Porto Torres. Cala Reale, with its underwater archaeological field, is certainly the most impressive dive. But it is not the only one: near the Asinara there are other points for diving such as Cala Tumbarino, Punta Agnadda and Punta Pedra Bianca.

Did you already pack your suitcase with all the equipment for diving? So now you just need to organize your trip to Sardinia.


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