The 6 most important traditional events of Sardinia: moments of folklore and devotion

Sardinia traditional events

There are so many ways to discover Sardinia: the beaches, the wine, its most beautiful places and the culinary specialties. But if you like to immerse yourself in the most authentic atmosphere of this big island, then you must attend one of the six most important traditional events of Sardinia. These are:

  1. Carnival of Mamoiada. The true essence of the Carnival of Mamoiada is represented by the two parades of Mamuthones (mask with coarse features, black fur, bells hung on the back and chest) and Issohadores (dressed with a mask and white pants, red waistcoat and  sa berritta). The parades are usually held on Sunday and Tuesday of Carnival week.
  2. Sa Sartiglia. In Oristano, Sa Sartiglia is a carousel which involves riders in period costumes. The Star Race and Pariglie, organized by the Gremio of the peasants and the Gremio of shoemakers, are held, as tradition wants, on Sunday and Tuesday of Carnival week. However, the party begins on Candlemas Day.
  3. Sant’Efisio. It is the time of the year during which the devotion of the inhabitants of Cagliari reaches its peak. The procession starts on May 1 from the Sardinian capital. And it comes back to the Sardinian capital on May 4, after touching and recalling the various stages of Saint Efisio’s martyrdom: Sarroch, villa San Pietro, Pula, Nora, Giorgino.
  4. San Simplicio. The saint patron of Olbia is celebrated from May 13 to 18. The most important day is May 15, when a procession is held in honor of the saint accompanied by groups from all over Sardinia.
  5. Sardinian Ride. It takes place in Sassari during the third Sunday of May. It consists in the parade on foot, on horseback or on traccas (characteristic floats decorated with flowers and everyday objects) of groups from all over Sardinia. In the afternoon, in the city racecourse, horses and riders perform in pariglie and acrobatic figures.
  6. Faradda di li Candareri. The most religious event which is awaited by all the residents of the city of Sassari is held on August 14. On Faradda day, the gremi (corporations of arts and crafts) of Sassari carry heavy votive candles around the city, along Corso Vittorio Emanuele until they reach the church of Santa Maria of Betlem.


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