Holidays in Sardinia: a trip to the 5 less known beaches of the isle

Sardinia less known beaches

You already know which are the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia. But you don’t want to stay on crowded beaches. And you want to create a particular itinerary to stay far from the “classic” destinations. For this reasons, here you can find the 5 less known beaches in Sardinia.

This list considers two particular needs: suggest you beaches which are not so crowded, but not hard to reach or too far from the principal tourist destinations.

  1. Porto Pirastu. It’s in Capo Ferrato, in the municipality of Muravera, near Cagliari. It’s a beach made of grey sand mixed with gravel and with straight rocks. The color of the water is emerald. It’s a beach suggested for snorkeling and scuba diving.
  2. Su Guventeddu. In Pula, near Cagliari. It’s near the more crowded beach of Nora. Su Guventeddu has crystal clear water and pure white sand. Nothing to envy the other and more known beaches of the zone.
  3. Cala Biriola. One of the many pearls in Baunei, on the Orosei gulf. Under the wood of Biriola, where the junipers grow on the rocks, the coast shapes a perfect arch. An arch immersed in the transparent sea, which is so hard to see in other places. Cala Biriola can be reached via sea or via a hard trekking path. The beach is a real paradise for diving and snorkeling.
  4. Ziu Martine. The fourth stage is near Cala Gonone, in Dorgali, near Nuoro. Ziu Martine is the kind of beach that everyone dreams to see during a holiday: white sand dominated by a steep cliff that overlooks a wonderful sea. Its waters are particularly clean.
  5.  Cala Suaraccia. The last leg of this trip in the less known beaches in Sardinia is in Capo Coda Cavallo, in San Teodoro, near Olbia-Tempio. Cala Suraccia is a small and delicious bay, with shallow water. It’s also known with the name “Butterflies’ beach”.


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