Moving the Pillars of Hercules: is Sardinia the legendary Atlantis?

Sardinia AtlantisIt’s well-known that Sardinia has an ancient and suggestive history. And there is a hypothesis that makes this land in the heart of Mediterranean Sea even more fascinating: is Sardinia the legendary continent of Atlantis?


The problems of the myth

The myth of Atlantis was first mentioned in Timeo and Crizia (IV century B.C.), two dialogues of Plato. According to the philosopher, the island of Atlantis was in front of the Pillars of Hercules. After a failed invasion of Athens, Atlantis in one night and day immerges into the Atlantic Ocean.

Researchers, historians and academics made hypothesis on Atlantis exact geographic position. But all the theories were less trustworthy.

Moving the Pillars of Hercules

Some years ago, the Italian journalist Sergio Frau wrote the book Le collone d’Ercole. Un’inchiesta (“The Pillars of Hercules. An investigative report”). The journalist states that, before Erathostens, all the ancient Greek writers located the Pillars of Hercules on the Strait of Sicily. If this theory were confirmed, Sardinia could be the legendary Atlantis. And after the tsunami that destroyed the Nuragic civilization, the survivors migrated to the Italian peninsula.


Those nuraghes covered in (sea) mud

Several aerial photos of Sardinia show tens of nuraghes covered in mud. Is it sea mud?

In addition to this, in ancient times the Strait of Sicily was narrower than today. And in the sea of Sardinia there are several submerged coastal plains.

The theory that the legendary Atlantis was the island of Sardinia is really suggestive. And waiting for scientific proofs, a journey in Sardinia is an unforgettable experience.


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