5 cities to visit in Sardinia at least once in life: from north to south

Sardegna cities to visit

The island of nature, beaches, culture, culinary traditions and sports: Sardinia is all this, an ideal destination for a vacation all year long. There are so many ways to discover this land. In particular, there are five beautiful cities that you should visit at least once in your lifetime.


1. Cagliari

Let’s start with the capital and the main city of southern Sardinia. Cagliari has so much to offer to all visitors, and it’s a city where you can experience any type of vacation, from sports to nature, from culture to relax, without forgetting the chance to see some of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia. All you need is a tourist itinerary to discover Cagliari.


2. Carloforte

It is located on San Pietro, off the southwest coast, one of the most beautiful islands in Sardinia. A very quiet and relaxing place, with narrow and small lanes often flowing directly through precious and sheltered beaches. It worth a visit even because here is spoken an ancient dialect coming from the distant Genoa.


3. Alghero

Nowadays, the architecture of Alghero still prove the traces of the past Catalan domination: the old town and the beaches in the nearby are absolutely a must-see. A little less than an hour’s drive, Bosa it’s smaller than Alghero, but boasts all the charm of a river city, and is a place where the Sardinian tradition has remained almost untouched until today.


4. Olbia

Moving along the northeast coast of Sardinia, like Cagliari Olbia is a city that has so much to offer: history, nature, beaches, sports, nightlife and entertainment. Don’t forget, during your holiday, a visit to the nuraghi and the tomb of giants in the nearby.


5. Sassari

One of the most important cities in the north of Sardinia. Sassari is well represented by its historical center, where you can admire buildings in different artistic styles: neoclassical, baroque, gothic, romantic.


To reach all this cities, all you need to do it’s just one simple thing: booking a ferry to Sardinia.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/efilpera

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