Journey to Italy: 3 ideas to spend a very relaxing holiday in Sardinia

relaxing holidays in Italy: Sardinia

You are really tired. Work. Stress. Daily routine. Chaotic cities. If that is how you feel, it’s time to spend a very, very, very relaxing holiday. And your dream has always been visit Sardinia, in Italy.

Holiday, relaxation and Sardinia: do you know that it’s possible to match these three things?


Idea #1: beaches

Its name is Riviera del Corallo, which literally means “Coral coast”. It’s the part of coast from La Speranza, south of Alghero, to Rena Maiore, on the north coast of the island. Few kilometers where there at (at least) nine wonderful beaches.

These beaches are sandy, quite large, there are several services available and a couple of pine forests. If you desire to lay on a long sandy beaches enjoying sun and sea, well, the Riviera del Corallo is the ideal destination for you.


Idea #2: spas

When you say Sardinia, the first thins that come to your mind are sea and beaches. But, to spend a relaxing holiday on this island, there’s another good solution: spas. The best destinations for spa holidays in Sardinia are four: Sardara, Fordongianus, Benetutti e Casteldoria. Where you will spend a couple of days in this way: spa treatments, thermal water, good food and walks in the nature.

In one of these four spas, you will restore both body and mind: you can be sure of this.


Idea #3: nature and traditions

Ogliastra is the historical regions in the centre-east part of Sardinia. It is one of the places where the ancient traditions of the island are still alive, “protected” in small and picturesque villages that dot a pristine area.

And Ogliastra is a sort of melting pot of several attractions: beaches, mounts, coves, and villages. It’s the ideal solution if you like to relax walking and immersing yourself in the nature.


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