The seven most beautiful beaches of Porto Torres: discovering dream places

Porto Torres Beaches

You have compiled the route with what to see in Porto Torres: in this way you will be sure not to miss any of the many attractions that this city of Sardinia has to offer. A destination that attracts more and more visitors also for other reasons: sun, sea and relaxation. In other words, for the beaches of Porto Torres.

And these are the seven most beautiful.


1. Platamona Beach

White sand and shells for a beach that stretches for about fifteen kilometers. Easily accessible from the town of Porto Torres, even the depths are predominantly sandy. In addition, close to the beach there is a large pine forest.


2. Balai Beach

A small cove bordered by a series of rocky inlets. Probably the most popular of Porto Torres, it is a totally free beach. It is located near the Balai church, overlooking the sea. To get there, just reach the beginning of the coastal road to Platamona. And it is equipped with a rescue service at sea, free parking and showers, bars.


3. Beach of Scogliolungo

Free beach, sandy and very shallow water, which makes it especially ideal for a holiday with children. It is easily accessible as it is located on the Via del Mare, in the center of Porto Torres. Immediately recognizable for the beautiful sea and the statue of a dolphin resting on a rock in the waves. A beach equipped for the disabled, with free parking, free showers, rescue service at sea and bars.


4. Acque Dolci Beach

It is located directly on the seafront in Porto Torres, near the coast Scogliolungo. Free beach with free showers and parking. Shallow and mostly sandy transparent and crystal clear water, the name comes from some small freshwater springs that are on the seabed in front of the beach.


5. Renaredda Beach

At the beginning of the seaside in Port Torres, close to a large square, you will find this beach with coarse-grained sand and shallow water, with the presence of some rocks. There are free showers and parking.


6. Farrizza Beach

Among the smallest beaches of Porto Torres, an inlet that can be reached only after traveling a short path appropriately marked. It is located along the road to Platamona.


7. Cala d’Arena

This, in a sense, is a little extra. Because it is one of the most beautiful beaches of l’Asinara. Indeed, according to many, it is the most beautiful: surmounted by the Aragonese tower, its sand is white and its water is transparent.


How to see the most beautiful beaches in Porto Torres? There is a very simple way: you just have to book a place on one of the ferries to Sardinia.


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