What to see during a holiday in North Sardinia: these 7 places

North Sardinia what to see: 7 places

A very large island. A place that is suitable for any type of vacation. This is Sardinia. And these are the places to see during a holiday in the northern part of this wonderful Mediterranean island:


1. Porto Torres

One of the most important cities on the north coast of Sardinia. The places to see in Porto Torres are basilica di San Gavino and basilica di San Gavino a mare, Palazzo di Re Barbaro, Maetzke Roman thermal baths and Pallottino Roman thermal baths, the Roman bridge, the Turris Libisonis. And beaches such as Balai, Scogliolungo, Acque Dolci


2. Asinara

Every day, especially in Summer, the ferries depart from Porto Torres and take visitors to discover Asinara Island. This pristine place is a paradise for sports such as hiking and diving. Of course, there are some dreamy beaches: Cala d’Oliva, Cala Sant’Andrea and Cala Sabina.


3. Stintino

Back from Asinara, it is time to see a place that is famous for the beauty of its beaches. We’re talking about Stintino, not far from Porto Torres: the most beautiful beaches are la Pelosa and la Pelosetta.


4. Sassari

Just twenty minutes by car to get from Porto Torres to Sassari. Where the must-see places are ten: with beaches, churches, palaces, parks and museums, there’s all you may need to spend a couple of days.


5. Santa Teresa di Gallura

Another town of northern Sardinia that offers unforgettable beaches and cultural attractions: the main beaches are Conca Verde, Rena Bianca, Rena maiore, Monti Russu; the old town centre and Longonsardo tower are proof of the ancient history of this town; the Valle della Luna is a beautiful and romantic valley; from Santa Teresa di Gallura, the ferries take visitors to Bonifacio, in Corsica, a good idea for a one-day excursion.


6. La Maddalena

To arrive on this island, you have to get to Palau and take a ferry to la Maddalena Island. Once there, the things to do and the places to see are so many: beaches, hiking, diving. A must-see place during every holiday in Sardinia.


7. Olbia

The last place to see during this holiday in North Sardinia is Olbia: the old town centre, the ancient nuraghi, the tomba dei giganti (literally “tomb of the giants”), the Roman aqueduct, Pedres castle, beaches such as Porto Istana, Marinella, Bados.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/salomaonunes

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