The five most important museums to see during a holiday in Cagliari

cagliari museums

Beaches are main attractions of this city. But for you, the holiday must be also an occasion to discover the history and the culture of the chosen destination. Since your next holiday will be spent in Cagliari, these are the 5 museums you should visit.


1. Galleria comunale d’arte

It’s one of the most important musuems of Cagliari, a  must-see for every art lover. Inside are exposed:

  • 250 paintings and sculptures dating back from the half of Nineteenth century to ‘80s of Twentieth century
  • 250 artworks that are in the so-called “stanze del collezionista”
  • A precious collection of ethnographic Sardinian materials, dated between the end of ‘700 and the first years of ‘900
  • An art collection given to the  municipality of Cagliari by the heirs of the collector Francesoc Paolo Ingrao.


2. Museo archeologico nazionale

Inaugurated in 1993 and placed inside the “Cittadella dei musei”, it’s the most important archeological museums of the entire Sardinia. It’s composed by four floors, and in its rooms are preserved the most significant archeological finds of Sardinia.


3. Pinacoteca nazionale

Also the Gallery is inside the museum complex of “Cittadella dei musei”. It has a unique collection, mostly composed by:

  • Paintings of Sardinian artists from Sixteenth to Twentieth centuries
  • Paintings of Genoese, Neapolitan and Roman school, realized from XV to XVIII centuries
  • A collection of Sardinian and Catalan altarpieces of ‘400 and ‘500


4. Museo sardo di antropologia ed etnografia

Opened in 1953, it’s in Monserrato, a small district in conurbation with Cagliari. There you can admire:

  • Rests of human skeletons, both prehistoric and proto-historic
  • Traditional dresses of Sardinia
  • Objects that were used every day in the ancient homes of peasantries
  • Ex-voto coming from San Palmiero and San Serafino a Ghilarza churches
  • Musical instruments from the Sardinian tradition
  • Documents and videos that describe the Sardinian proto-history


5. Museo del Duomo

Finally, you should see the Museum of Duomo. Opened to the public from not so much time, its “treasure” is composed by the bequests of the Archbishops that came in succession in the Cagliari church and from the donations of objects used in the liturgical celebrations. There also goblets, pixes, monstrance, processional crosses, wooden statues and paintings.


These are the five most important museums in the city of Cagliari. But they are not the only ones: if you want a complete list, you can visit the official site of the municipality of Cagliari,


Image source: “Galleria d’arte (CA)” di cristianocani – Con licenza CC BY 2.0 tramite Wikimedia Commons

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