Mamoiada Carnival 2015: Mamuthones and Issohadores

  • Published: 22-01-2015
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Mamoiada Carnival 2015Sardinia is a land of ancient traditions. Like that of Mamoiada Carnival 2015. This is the moment of Mamuthones and Issohadores parade on February 15th and 17th (Shrove Tuesday or Mardi Gras, widely known as Pancake Day).


Mamuthones e Issohadores

A mask with rough features, dark fur, cowbells hung to the back and chest: these are the Mamuthones, one of the oldest mask of Sardinia. The Issohadores wear a mask and white trousers, red waistcoat and Sa Berritta (a black hat).

The origins of these two masks are not sure, and that enhance them of more mystery.


The Parade

On Sunday and Shrove Tuesday, Mamuthones and Issohadores march along the roads of Mamoiada. The first ones walk and in this way they ring the cowbells, while the Issohadores drive them like a herd and throw a line to “catch” young women as good omen.

The parade is the most important moment of the Carnival of Mamoiada and in this period in the town a lot of events are organized.


How to get

To get to Mamoiada you can book a seat on a ferry for Sardinia that leads to Arbatax. From Arbatax take the 389var highway in direction Nuoro and then carry on towards Mamoiada.



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