Sardinia: 3 magical places to discover this beautiful island

magical places in Sardinia

Sardinia is a magical tourist destination. There would be no need to say: beaches, cities, hiking, and sea views are the first things that come to your mind. But, this time, we want to give you a more peculiar itinerary. That will allow you to discover three unusual places to visit during a holiday in this wonderful land.

  1. The domus de janas of Porto Torres. According to one of the oldest and most famous Sardinian legends, the janas are the small fairies. Domus de janas, literally, means “house of the fairies”: are ancient underground tombs. For the popular tradition, these tombs are the houses of the fairies. There are several domus de janas, such as Su Crucifissu Mannu, near Porto Torres.
  2. Su Nuraxi. In Barumini. The nuraghe of Su Nuraxi is probably the most famous of Sardinia, included in the list of Unesco humanity heritage. Today, the historical structure is composed by a majestic nuraghe surrounded by a huge nuragic village.
  3. Pranu Mutteddu. This archaeological site has a very special nickname: the Stonehenge of Sardinia. The name means “field of myrtle”. Here, the nature surrounds several menhirs. Even today, no one knows what was the real purpose of the place: presumably, it was a burial place. And the aura of mystery that surrounds it increases the charm of the place.


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