The Princess of Navarra: a legend of love and devotion

legends of Sardinia: the princess of Navarra

Santa Maria Navarrese is a small town not far from Arbatax, on the east coast of Sardinia. It is an excellent starting point to discover the beautiful Ogliastra. And the origin of its name is a legend: the legend of the Princess of Navarra.

The Princess of Navarra was in love with a servant. But her father fought their love: he locked up his daughter in a tower. But the Princess of Navarra didn’t give up. She escaped from the tower at night, while the guards were asleep. The princess reached a nearby beach where her lover was waiting on a boat. They set sail, hoping to find a distant and quiet land.

They were caught in a terrible storm. The boat was about to sink. The Princess of Navarra began to pray. She invoked the help of Our Lady and promised that, if they were saved, she would build a church in the exact point where she and the man she loved landed.

The storm suddenly subsided. The Princess and the man landed near the point where Santa Marina Navarrese was built. And, in fact, near Santa Marina Navarrese, by the sea, there is an ancient church.


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Image source: “Golfo di Arbatax” di Francesco Mulas – Own two photo stiched. Con licenza CC BY 3.0 tramite Wikipedia

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