La Maddalena Archipelago: the 5 things to see and to do during a vacation

La Maddalena what to see

This is one of the must-do excursions during a holiday in Olbia: sea, nature, history, culture. Of course, you have to know what are the main attractions, so to make your itinerary and do not miss any of its many beauties. Here is what to see on La Maddalena Archipelago:


1. Old town centre

The first thing to do is a pleasant stroll along the oldest part of La Maddalena municipality: via Garibaldi, piazza Umberto I and via XX settembre are the main places. The fish market, the marina and the town hall complete the visit.


2. Parco nazionale della Maddalena

The entire archipelago is protected in the homonymous national park, an unparalleled spectacle. Every day, the authority of the park organizes various excursions, both on foot and by boat. For further information, please visit


3. Beaches

La Maddalena is a renowned tourist destination. Chosen especially by those looking for sea and relaxation. Among the beaches of the homonymous island, we must mention at least baia Trinità and spiaggia Carlotto. Furthermore, on Caprera Island, there are cala Andreani, I due mari, cala Napoletana and cala Coticcio.


4. The Pink Beach

Talking about beaches, there is a special one. The Pink Beach is located northwest of the archipelago, on Budelli Island. The origin of the name is the characteristic colour of the sand. The Pink Beach is famous (also) because was chosen by Michelangelo Antonioni to shoot Red desert.


5. Compendio Garibaldino

A museum on Caprera Island. Composed primarily of the home where the “Hero of the two worlds” lived. Where there are the memorabilia and the objects that belonged to him.


It’s very easy to get to La Maddalena: every day, from Palau, several ferries bring visitors to this wonderful archipelago.


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