How to get to La Maddalena island: discover a real paradise

La Maddalena how to get there

It is one of the best excursions during a vacation to Golfo Aranci or Olbia. A destination that can satisfy all the vacationers: historical-cultural attractions, beaches, hiking in the upper part of the island. But, first of all, you need to know how to get to La Maddalena Island.


Where to leave

Olbia, Santa Teresa di Gallura and Golfo Aranci are the main towns of Sardinia from which you can reach La Maddalena island. We recommend you to get a car or a motorbike onto the ferry, it’s the best way to move around.


The ferries to Palau

Ferries to La Maddalena depart from Palau.

  • From Olbia and Golfo Aranci you can reach Palau by the state highway 125, it takes about forty minutes by car.
  • Instead, from Santa Teresa di Gallura, just take the state highway 133 bis, the journey by car takes about forty minutes.

When you arrive in Palau, as already said, you just have to take one of the many ferries that, especially in summer, connect La Maddalena with the coast of Sardinia.


The vacation begins

Well, you’re on La Maddalena Island. And now? Now, the vacation begins:

  • Places to see. First of all, you can follow this itinerary: what to see on La Maddalena Island.
  • Diving. For every diving enthusiasts, these are the best dive sites of La Maddalena Island: Secca di Spargi, Scoglio di Spargiotto, Scoglio del Pilastrino, Scoglio del Gotto, Picchi di Coticcio, Scoglio di Mortoriotto.
  • Beaches. Don’t forget that the island is also famous for the beauty of its sea. So, you cannot return home if you haven’t seen some of the most beautiful beaches of La Maddalena.
  • Caprera. Since you are there, driving along the so-called Passo della Moneta, you can get to Caprera Island.


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