How many days to visit Sardinia? 5 solutions to solve this dilemma

how many days to visit Sardinia

Great, very great. And above all, beautiful. These are two good reasons to visit Sardinia. You have only a small doubt to solve: how many days does it take to visit very well this wonderful island?

There is no one answer only, because it depends on many factors, such as the kind of holiday you would like to live. However, we can give you five different solutions.



2 days

This is the solution for who wants to spend a short holiday that lasts a weekend. For these two days in Sardinia, Cagliari is the destination for a journey dedicated to history and culture, the Gennargentu is for the hikers and Porto Torres is for those who want to see some of the most beautiful beaches of northern Sardinia.



5 days

If you have much time, you’ll have much more opportunities to discover some of most beautiful places that this wonderful island can offer to all its tourists. For a 5-days holiday, we recommend you three different routes:

  • The northen coast.
  • The southern coast.
  • The estern coast.

In five days, you’ll have all that you can desire from a holiday in Sardinia: beaches, sun, sea, nature, city and small towns to visit.



6 days

The route is the same already proposed in the point before, but it’s perfect for those who have one more day. In particular, the route along the northern coast will bring you to visit even Bonifacio, on the southern coast of Corsica, known as the island of beauty.



7 days

The seven-days route takes place along the northern coast of the island. You’ll discover places and unforgettable attractions such as Porto Torres, nuraghi, Asinara, Sassari, Santa Teresa of Gallura, La Maddalena and Olbia. Every day will be like a constant surprise.



10 days

The last solution to your question “how many days to visit Sardinia” is for who has decided to spend here the deserved summer holidays. And summer holiday means two specific things: sea and beaches.

From this point of view, in 10 days you can see:

  • The beaches of the so-called Coral coast.
  • The ten most beautiful beaches in Sardinia (but you have to visit all Sardinia, from north to south).



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