Halloween 2017: 3 things to know to spend it in Sardinia

Halloween 2017 in Sardinia

The most scary night of the year is approaching. A recurrence that could turn into a wonderful opportunity to allow yourself a small vacation in the fall. Are you thinking, therefore, to spend Halloween 2017 in Sardinia? In this case, to fully live the experience, there are three things to know.


1. The origin

Now, we are accustomed to indicate this recurrence with the name Halloween (All Hallows’ Eve contraction, “Night of All Sacred Spirits”). But if the origin of Halloween, far from being a Celtic matrix or coming from overseas, was actually far closer than you could think of, that is in Sardinia?

  • During the night of October 31, in many parts of the world there is the custom for children to knock at the doorsteps in search of food and groceries. Just like in Sardinia.
  • In Sardinia, depending on the historical region in which you are, the eve of Ognissanti can assume different names, such as Su Mortu Mortu or Is Animeddas.


2. The legends

There is no Halloween without the necessary legends. Dark legends, with macabre nuances, to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the moment. Stories like:

  • The sùrbiles, terrible vampire women, who sucked the infants’ blood, especially those not yet      baptized;
  • Luxìa Rabiosa, a very rich woman who, because of her avarice, was turned into stone;
  • The panas, spirits of women dead because of childbirth that can be found near rivers and streams.


3. The event

Here we have to make a premise, because we are talking about a Carnival tradition. But you can see it in early November.

During the Autumn in Barbagia 2017, Mamuthones and Issohadores parade will take place in Mamoiada (3-4-5 November). In particular, the Mamuthones are scary masks made of leathers, bells and completely black faces. Perfect for the Halloween atmosphere.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/25230997@N08

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