How to get to Grotta del Fico, Sardinia: the spectacle of Ogliastra nature


It’s one of the most beautiful caves in Ogliastra. A real spectacle of nature, visited every year by thousands of tourists who chose this part of Sardinia as destination of their holidays. And to admire this spectacle, you just have to know one this: how to get to Grotta del Fico.


The cave

Stalactites, stalagmites and stone columns. Natural sculptures illuminated by a very suggestive light. The Grotta del Fico consist of two great “rooms” and is connected to the sea. Tourists can visit the cave thanks to a system of wood paths. Grotta del Fico is unique even for another reason: once, it was the habitat of the monk seal.


How to get there

The Grotta del Fico is located in the Gulf of Orosei, on the east coast of Sardinia. The cave can be reached by sea. Every day, especially in Summer, several boat tours depart from Santa Maria Navarrese, Arbatax, Cala Gonone, Orosei and La Caletta di Siniscola.



Grotta del Fico is only one of the several things to see in Ogliastra. This Sardinian historical region is a sort of melting pot of beaches, mounts, caves, ancient and picturesque villages. It’s recommended for a vacation dedicated to traditions, nature and excursions.


Image source: Di Welt-der-Form – Opera propria, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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