Book the ferries to Sardinia in winter: useful information

ferries to Sardinia in winter

Not only spring and summer: this island is a great idea for a journey even in December, January and February. And to book ferries to Sardinia in winter, there are some information that will definitely help you to plan your trip in the best way.


The routes

Since it’s winter, there are less active routes than summer. However, there are some routes that guarantee the connection between the island and the mainland even in winter. The main ones are:

  • Genova-Olbia;
  • Civitavecchia-Olbia;
  • Civitavecchia-Arbatax;
  • Napoli-Cagliari;
  • Palermo-Cagliari;
  • Civitavecchia-Porto Torres;
  • Piombino-Olbia.

We have to reaffirm a concept. These seven are just some of the main routes of the ferries to Sardinia, but during the winter there may also be other active ones. How can you have all the available options in one screen?

Just use our online booking system, which will allow you to:

  • See all the ferries departing on the selected day;
  • Compare the ticket prices of the several ferry companies.


Number of departing ferries

As in the case of the routes, in winter also the number of departing ferries may be lower than in summer. However, even in winter there is at least one daily route between the main ports on the mainland and the most important ports on the island (in this regard, you can refer to what we have said before on the routes).


Offers, promotions, low cost

The winter period is still a time of year during which the various shipping companies offers numerous promotions. The secret to take these promotions is very simple: book in advance. In this way, you will also have the possibility to choose the trip, the days and times that are good for you.


Now we just have to wish you a good trip. First, however, you only have to book your ferry to Sardinia.


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