Holidays in Sardinia: 3 ideas to spend Ferragosto 2017

Ferragosto 2017 in Sardinia

Sardinia will be the destination for your next summer vacation. You’ve planned everything. The only, little exception is this detail: how to spend August 15th, Ferragosto, 2017. In this regard, we have three great ideas for you.


1. Spa holidays

Is your greatest desire to spend a completely relaxing day, enjoying the pleasure of the best wellness treatments? In this case, what you are looking for is to spend Ferragosto 2017 is a spa. And Sardinia has exactly what you need.

For the spa holidays in Sardinia, the most popular destinations are these four:

  • Sardara;
  • Fordongianus;
  • Benetutti;
  • Casteldoria.

A day to restore body and mind.


2. Excursions

You are sport enthusiasts and, for you, a vacation is just an excuse to hike in the nature. Ferragosto will not be an exception. Gennargentu is a large mountain massif located in central Sardinia. Here, there are several opportunities for hiking. The best are these four:

  • Gola di Gorropu;
  • Tiscali;
  • Foresta di Montarbu;
  • Codula di Luna.


3. Beaches & nightlife

The most “classic” idea to spend Ferragosto: relaxation on beautiful beaches during the morning and afternoon; at night, dance until dawn in a discotheque.

In other words, you want to know which are the places of the Sardinian nightlife. We can give you five answers, each of them corresponds to a destination that offers wonderful beaches and renowned discos:

  • Costa Smeralda;
  • San Teodoro;
  • Santa Teresa di Gallura;
  • Alghero;
  • Villasimius.


To these three ideas, we can add a fourth. Every year, in Castelsardo, the fireworks show takes place on the evening of August 15th (for further information, visit Castelsardo municipality official website,


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