Find the coral: these are the 3 most beautiful places of Sardinia

Sardinia coral

Do you prefer diving or snorkeling? In both cases, the coral is one of the most fascinating spectacles that sea and nature can offer. And these are the three most beautiful places in Sardinia where you can admire it.


1. Grotta di Nereo

It is located near Alghero, in the Marine protected area of Capo Caccia, on the east coast of Sardinia. With its maze of tunnels and galleries, it is one of the best places for diving of the island. The reason is the spectacle of life and colours that offers to all divers.

In fact, the nickname of Nereo cave is Coral cave: coral creates large colonies visible at a depth of 5-6 meters.


2. Riviera del Corallo

Its name means “coral coast”. It comes from the precious red coral. It is a stretch of coast between Porto Torres and Alghero. Here there are nine beautiful beaches, ideal places for relaxation and for diving.


3. Spiaggia di Rena Bianca

Along the northern coast of Sardinia, in Santa Teresa di Gallura. Rena Bianca is one of the most beautiful beaches of northern Sardinia. Easy to reach from Santa Teresa di Gallura, the coral gives pink shades to the white sand.


These are the 3 most beautiful places of Sardinia to find the coral. Places that are easy to reach from Porto Torres.


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