Visit Cagliari in one day: there are 9 things to do and to see

Cagliari in one day

You are spending a holiday discovering the most beautiful Sardinian cities. Or, simply, you haven’t too much time to visit the Sardinian capital. Then, for you it’s good to know what to see in Cagliari in one day.


1. Old town centre

The oldest and most fascinating part of Cagliari consists of its four historic districts: Marina, Castello, Stampace and Villanova. During this day in the Sardinian capital city, you should visit the Castello neighbourhood: it is located exactly in the centre of the town, on a limestone hill.


2. Bastione di Saint Remy

In Castello neighbourhood. This bastion is one of the most important fortifications of Cagliari. In the Nineteenth century, it was transformed into a monumental staircase. From here, you can walk on a roof terrace from which you can enjoy a wonderful view over Cagliari.


3. Torre dell’elefante

The second highest tower in Cagliari. Built in the Middle Ages, for its construction was used a peculiar white limestone called Pietra forte di Cagliari. The origin of the tower’s name is a small elephant statue on a stone shelf.


4. Torre di San Pancrazio

This is the highest tower of Cagliari, and even the Torre di San Pancrazio was built using the Pietra forte di Cagliari.


5. Palazzo reale

The former residence of the representative of the king during the different dominations (Aragonese, Spanish and Savoy). Built in the Fourteenth century, the Royal Palace has been modernized several times over the centuries.


6. Duomo

The cathedral of Santa Maria is the main worship place of Cagliari. A building that mixes Romanesque, Baroque and neo-Romanesque architectural styles. Its full name is cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta e di Santa Cecilia.


7. Museo archeologico nazionale

It is one of the five museums not to be missed during a holiday in Cagliari. The National Archaeological Museum is divided into four floors and retains the most significant archaeological finds in Sardinia.


8. Poetto

Although it is located just a few kilometers from the town, visit Poetto beach is a must: a eight-kilometers-long and sandy beach, and it’s very easy to reach.


9. What to eat

This holiday will never be complete of you don’t taste the local dishes. In Cagliari, you will discover some of the most characteristic culinary specialties of Sardinia, such as malloreddus, pecorino, pane carasau, pane guttiau and bottarga.


And so, now that you know what to see in Cagliari in one day: have you booked a ferry to Sardinia?


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