Bring a baggage on the ferry to Sardinia: here are the things to know

A ferry to Sardinia is the transport that will take you to your destination for your next holiday. And vacation also means having the need to bring a baggage with your personal belongings. To board it on the ferry, these are the conditions of the main shipping companies that guarantee the service.



By booking a seat on Tirrenia ferries, the cost of hand baggage is included in the ticket price, which can be brought to the cabin or assigned seat. Baggage that must have a maximum weight of 20 kilos for an adult passenger and 10 kilos for a minor passenger. Luggage is accepted on board only if following a passenger.



The Moby shipping company, regarding the transport of luggage on its ferries, refers to articles from 410 to 418 of the Navigation Code. The key aspects to remember are:

  • Baggage is also included in the ticket price;
  • Anything that can not be considered as carry-on baggage will be placed in the appropriate spaces;
  • If the baggage exceeds the weight limits, an additional fee may apply.


Sardinia Ferries

each Sardinia Ferries passenger can bring, for free, a hand baggage on the ferry if it contains only personal belongings. This baggage must not exceed 200 cm in height, 100 cm in width and 50 cm in depth. The passenger can take this baggage in the cabin or at the assigned seat.


GNV (Great Fast Ships)

Finally, the GNV allows passengers to carry a carry-on baggage that must contain only personal belongings. If it contains any other items or there is excess baggage, an additional fee will apply.

Finally, a last piece of information: if you can not (rightly) imagine a holiday that is not in the company of your trusted four-legged friend, then you will surely know how to bring the animals on board the ferries to Sardinia.


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