The 7 most beautiful beaches in Orosei gulf: you won’t forget them

most beautiful beach Orosei gulf

It’s located halfway between Olbia and Arbatax, two of the principal tourist places in Sardinia. The main reasons why it’s so famous are its sea and its coast. And hereinafter you can read what are the most beautiful beaches in the Orosei gulf.

But pay attention: you won’t forget this 7 beaches, we can ensure you, and you will hardly find somethings like them.

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  1. Goloritzè cove. This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia. It’s famous not just for the crystal clear sea and the white pebbled beach (unique in its genre), but also for the wonderful stone arch that overlooks it.
  2. Biriola cove. A large wood crossed by a lot of trails overlooks this little beach of white sand. The cove could be reached by sea (the easiest way), or walking along a path suggested for all the trekking lovers.
  3. Luna cove. 700 meters of beach, touched by an azure sea that makes a wonderful contrast with the green of the surrounding vegetation. Behind there are a little lake and numerous caverns where you can take refuge during the hottest hours of the day.
  4. Mariolu cove. Its white and thin sand with its blue sea are simply unrivalled: this is Mariolu cove.
  5. Sisine cove. Once you pass Luna cove, there are two rocky cliffs. There it is Sisine cove. It’s a beach made of white limestone, it looks like it’s shining thanks to the intensity of the color. It’s wonderful, but not so easy to be reached.
  6. Gabbiani cove. It’s one of the less known and for this even more special. It’s a little beach surrounded by white rocks. In reality, it’s a part of the most ample Mariolu cove.
  7. Sos Dorroles. It’s in the south side of Cala Gonone. Sos Dorroles is a perfect “half moon”, protected by an orange cliff, unique in Sardinia and maybe in the entire world.

Have you seen the most beautiful beaches in Orosei gulf? Now you should visit them one by one.



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