Holiday in Sardinia: these are the 5 most beautiful beaches near Budoni

Budoni beaches

It’s near San Teodoro and, from Olbia, it’s easy to reach taking the state highway 125 (just half an hour by car). The main reason to visit Budoni? It’s easy to say: its beaches. And these are the five most beautiful.

  1. Cala di Budoni. This could be considered the main beach of Budoni. About four kilometers long, its sand is clear and is touched by a fabulous sea. Several services are available on the beach and there is a large parking lot. It’s recommended if you’re spending a holiday with children of if you like windsurfing, scuba diving, snorkeling.
  2. Porto Ainu. About two kilometers from Budoni there is a very small beach. Here you will find the whitest sand of the whole area. The turquoise sea is so transparent that you can see the bottom for many meters. In the nearby pine grove you can rest during the hottest hours of the day.
  3. Sant’Anna. Near Porto Ainu, it is a long beach divided into three parts: Salamaghe, Sa Capannizza and Sant’Anna. They are sandy and, obviously, wonderful.
  4. Li Cucutti. Cucutti means “hills” in Sardinian language. In fact this large beach is surrounded by low hills. Its white sand is protected by a green pine grove. The turquoise sea contrasts with the white sand. Li Cucutti is located in Agrustos, about four kilometers from Budoni.
  5. Porto Ottiolu. This beach is located about two kilometers from Agrustos. The bay of Porto Ottiolu is not very large but it is very cosy. A beautiful beach with several services available.

Aren’t the beaches a sufficient reason to visit this town? If you want to know where to go to live the Sardinian nightlife, Budoni could be a great starting point to reach San Teodoro and Costa Smeralda.


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