Autunno in Barbagia 2016: the 4 events scheduled in December

  • Published: 3-11-2016
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Autunno in Barbagia 2016 December

Autunno in Barbagia is a sort of journey to discover traditions, folklore, handcraft and typical cuisine of Sardinia. A journey that began last September and which is still going on: these are the four events scheduled in December.

  • Gadoni (December 2-4). Several Bronze Age carvings were found in this large area. Other famous places are the mines and the miners’ village of Funtana Raminosa. Today this site, with machineries and tunnels dug to find copper, is part of Parco geominerario, storico e ambientale della Sardegna.
  • Teti (December 3-4). In 1865, Teti became famous for the archaeological museum created with the Nuragic remains found in its territory, such as the Venere dormiente (“sleeping Venus”) and the Santuario di Albini (“Albini’s Sanctuary”). In addition to this, woods, hills, rocks and natural sources surround Teti.
  • Fonni (December 8-11). Fonni has ancient Nuragic origins, and it’s proud of its many archaeological sites: prehistoric nuraghi, the necropolis of Madau, the sanctuary of Gremanu, the menhirs and the domus de janas, the characteristic site of Gremanu-Madau. And Fonni is immersed in a wild and untouched nature. A good idea for a short trip in December.
  • Orune (December 16-18). Built in the heart of Barbagia, Orune is known for the Neolithic settlements, with ancient sites such as Su Lidone, Su Pradu, Lorana and the famous monument of Su Tempiesu, a Bronze Age sacred spring. And, in addition to this, the landscape that surrounds Orune is very special even for another reason: the majestic cork trees.


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