Cortes apertas: the complete Autumn 2017 program in Barbagia

  • Published: 16-08-2017
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Autumn in Barbagia 2017

The Cortes apertas are the “open courtyards”: the historic houses will open their courtyards to show the artisan, artistic and wine/culinary traditions of the place. And the Cortes apertas will be the main attraction of Autumn in Barbagia 2017 edition, to be held from September 1st to December 17th.


The 2017 edition program:

  • September: Bitti (1-2-4), Oliena (9-10), Dorgali (16-17), Sarule (16-17), Austis (23-24), Orani (23-24), Lula (September 30th – October 1st), Tonara (September 30th – October 1st).
  • October: Gavoi (7-8), Mena Sardo (7-8), Onanì (7-8), Orgosolo (14-15), Lollove (14-15), Sorgono (21-22), Belvì (21- 22), Aritzo (28-29), Desulo (28-29).
  • November: Mamoiada (3-4-5), Ottana (3-4-5), Nuoro (11-12), Tiana (11-12), Olzai (18-19), Atzara (18-19), Ollolai (25-26), Orotelli (25-26).
  • December: Gadoni (2-3), Teti (2-3), Oniferi (2-3), Fonni (8-9-10), Ortueri (8-9-10), Orune (16-17), Ovodda (16-17).


How to get

To reach the various countries where the events planned for Autumn in Barbagia 2017 will take place, the best starting point is the city of Nuoro. To get to Nuoro from Arbatax, one of the main ports where ferries to Sardinia dock, you must:

  • Take the county road 27 first;
  • Take the state highway 389var northwards following the signs for Nuoro.

The car journey takes just over an hour.


More information

For more information about Autumn in Barbagia 2017 edition (how to attend, any program changes), you can consult the official site of the event,


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