Autumn in Barbagia 2017: scheduled appointments in October

  • Published: 5-09-2017
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Autumn in Barbagia October 2017

Traditions, ancient crafts, culinary specialties, nature: All this is autumn in Barbagia, which also in the 2017 will make known the most peculiar aspects of the Sardinian land. And below you can find the scheduled appointments in October.

  1. Gavoi (7-8 October). A small village surrounded by hills and mountain reliefs, which form an authentic paradise for all lovers of nature excursions. A nature rich in woods: chestnuts, holly, walnuts, cherries, oaks, holm Oaks. While the valley of the Taloro River opens to the south.
  2. Meana Sardo (7-8 October). Among the low hills surrounding the village, there are many inestimable treasures, like a dozen nuraghi. Even Meana Sardo is located in an area rich in woods, hills and springs.
  3. Onanì (7-8 October). A country that combines the fascination of nature and the suggestions of history: the territory is characterized by the presence of verdant hills, forests of Roverella, Mediterranean Maquis, and the paths of transhumance; Nearby, there are the Domus de Janas dug into the rock in the town of Cogoli, the towers of Nuragic origin, the murals of the painter Diego Proni.
  4. Orgosolo (14-15 October). The famous political-social murals, dating back to the 1960s, are one of the pride of Orgosolo. A country that also has much more to offer to all its visitors: the Gennargentu, the Iscala de ‘ Arenargiu, the forest of Montes and more than thirty nuraghi.
  5. Lollove (14-15 October). Almost completely uninhabited, composed of delicious as well as typical two-storey granite houses, Lollove is like wrapped in a halo of mystery.
  6. Sorgono (21-22 October). The village is located on a slope of Gennargentu, particularly rich in springs, surrounded by woods. The vineyards of Cannonau, Monica and Muristellu grow on the hills. In This area there are about 200 ancient menhirs.
  7. Belvì (21-22 October). Another little paradise for trekking lovers: to the West there is the final part of the so-called heels, limestone plateaus with steep walls; however to the east there is the Gennargentu chain.
  8. Aritzo (28-29 October). Sas domos de su nie (“snow houses”) are deep wells where the snow was kept by the Gennargentu. In the picturesque old town there are still houses built in the typical style of Aritzo.
  9. Desulo (28-29 October). The verdant valleys surrounding Desulo are embellished with Holm oaks, yew, oaks, oaks, maples, walnuts and cherries. And at a short distance there are the harsh reliefs of Gennargentu.


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