Autumn in Barbagia 2017: the events planned for November

  • Published: 28-09-2017
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Autumn in Barbagia november 2017

What is the right time of the year to fully immerse yourself in the traditions, customs and the most characteristic aspects of the land of Sardinia? Autumn in Barbagia, surely. And these are all the events planned in the months of November.

  • Mamoiada (November 3-4-5). The name of this picturesque village is indissolubly tied to two of the most typical Sardinian things that you can imagine: the traditional masks Mamuthones and Issohadores of the Sardinian Carnival and the flavor of the Cannonau.
  • Ottana (november 3-4-5). Otzàna, in Sardinian dialect, is the place where the traditions of the Sardinian shepherds have remained unbroken until nowadays.
  • Nuoro (november 11-12). Enclosed between the Marreri and the Cedrino River, the Mount Ortobene dominates – with its imposing bulk, made of towers and pinnacles separated by gorges and valleys – the city which is known with the nickname of “Sardinian Athens“.
  • Tiana (november 11-12). It’s a small mountain village where traditions, customs and secrets of craftsmanship still survive nowadays.
  • Olzai (november 18-19). The tomb of the giants of S’ena de sa vacca, the historic center (a wonderful example of the architecture of Barbagia) and many nuraghes in the surrounding area prove how Olzai can be considered a true heap of Sardinian history.
  • Atzara (november 18-19). Surrounded by vineyards, Atzara has a well-preserved old town centre made up of old neighborhoods that twist and turn through narrow lanes and medieval buildings.
  • Ollolai (november 25-26). When the sky is clear, from the so-called “Window of Sardinia” you can admire the two seas that flow through the east and the west coast of Sardinia. Without forgetting nuraghi and giant tombs.
  • Orotelli (november 25-26). The historic center of the village dating back to the Nuragic civilization, and many testimonies of that ancient era are still standing in Orotelli. Moreover, some beautiful religious and civilian buildings of the Middle Ages make even more interesting its artistic heritage.


Image source: Di Max.oppo – Opera propria, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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