Autumn in Barbagia 2017: the events in program in December

  • Published: 26-10-2017
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Autunno in Barbagia 2017 in december

An event four months long. Four months during which all visitors will be able to admire some of the oldest and most famous sardinian land traditions. And this is also an event that comes to an end in the last month of the year: this is the Autumn in Barbagia program for December 2017.

  1. Gadoni (2-3 December). The mining and mining village of Funtana Raminosa, perhaps the most famous attraction of Gadoni, are now part of the Geominerary Park, where it’s possible to discover not only the richness of the subsoil but also the ancient culture of the miners. All this is enriched by the legend about the origins of Gadoni, which would have been founded by a pastor named Cadoni.
  2. Teti (2-3 December). Near the town center, it was found what could be considered as an authentic Nuragic treasure. A treasure consisting of invaluable testimonies and finds such as Sleeping Venus and Albin’s Shrine. Not to mention the beautiful natural landscape in which the country is inserted, which becomes the ideal choice for hiking lovers.
  3. Oniferi (2-3 December). The Oniferi area is full of ancient archaeological sites, dating back to prehistoric times, as demonstrated by the necropolis of Sas Concas. Here, among other things, numerous domus de janas, the “houses of fairies” have been found.
  4. Fonni (8-9-10 December). The reasons for choosing to visit Fonni are essentially two: the village lies at the foot of the Gennargentu, another wonderful idea for hikers; the territory is literally scattered with nuraghi, necropolis, menhir and domus de janas.
  5. Ortueri (8-9-10 December). A medieval hamlet that has preserved its atmosphere still today, the bell tower of the parish church of San Nicolò stands on the town square. There are also several interesting archaeological sites dating back to ancient Rome, the plains of Prani and Laccos, in particular.
  6. Orune (16-17 December). It rises precisely in the heart of Barbagia, and several Neolithic settlements make it an unmissable place for archeology enthusiasts. Not to mention the fascinating literary park called Grazia Deledda.
  7. Ovodda (16-17 December). It’s called “the country of centenarians”, and some of the reasons for this must be attributed to unspoilt nature, clean air and good weather: Ovodda, the end of Autumn in Barbagia 2017, lies between the historic regions of Barbagia and Mandrolisai, and is part of the Gennargentu National Park.


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