A 10-days holiday in Sardinia: discover a new beach every day

10 days in Sardinia

The beauty of its coast is really legendary. Your desire is to visit this place. Now, it’s the time to plan the trip. And you’re very, very lucky. Because you’re going to spend a 10-days holiday in Sardinia.

Your intention is to spend a holiday dedicated solely to the sun, the beaches and the sea of this beautiful island. Following one of these three itineraries, you will discover a different beach every day.


Itinerary #1: the most beautiful beaches

Of the three itineraries that we propose, this is the longest. Because you will visit the whole island, from north to south. But, and there would be no need to say it, this is the most fascinating itinerary. The itinerary of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Sardinia:

  • cala Coticcio
  • la Pelosa
  • cala Goloritzé
  • Spiaggia rosa
  • Porto Giunco
  • Rena Majore
  • cala Spinosa
  • Tuerredda
  • Su Giudeu
  • cala Mariolu

This is a quite long itinerary and is recommended if you really like travelling and see new places every day. Believe us: you won’t forget these beaches so easily.


Itinerary #2: the south coast

It is a much more “relaxing” itinerary than the previous, since the places are close to each other. The most beautiful beaches along the southern coast of Sardinia are:

  • Poeto
  • Su Giudeu
  • Geremeas
  • Porto Giunco
  • Tuerredda
  • Costa Rei
  • cala Cipolla
  • Quartu
  • Porto Pino
  • cala Saboni

Some of then, such as Su Giudeu, are among the most beautiful of the island. For this itinerary, the best “starting point” is Cagliari, the Sardinian capital city.


Itinerary #3: the Riviera del corallo

The last of these three 10-days itineraries for your next holiday in Sardinia. And it is the most peculiar (perhaps, this part of the island is less-known). We’re talking about the Riviera del corollo and its beaches:

  • la Speranza
  • del Lido
  • Maria Pia
  • le Bombarde
  • Mugoni-Porto Conte
  • Porto Ferro
  • cala dell’Argentiera
  • Lampianu
  • Rena Maiore
  • la Pelosa

In this case, the best “starting poit” is Porto Torres, on the north coast of Sardinia.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/99574551@N04

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