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Board the bike on ferries for Sardinia: how to do and some tips

We have already said how to embark the car on the ferries to Sardinia. But you need a more specific indication, as you are a big fan of two wheels and can not imagine a trip without your trusty vehicle. In other words, your next vacation on this beautiful island will be in motorcycle. Here’s […]

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Sardinia: the spring is the right season to do these 5 things

Temperatures that become more than pleasant, mild climate and sunny, days that lengthen, nature that flourishes: said in one word, spring. And this season is the best time in Sardinia for:   … discover the nuraghi Nuragic civilization is one of the most fascinating and evocative parts of ancient Sardinian history. A story that has […]

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Ferries to Sardinia: the best moment to book

The Sardinia is a beautiful island to visit during all the year, and in every season always reserves something special to do and/or to see. Without forgetting, obviously, the question of savings. Just for this reason, now you are wondering: what is the best moment to book the ferry to Sardinia for your next travel? […]

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