Weather forecast Sardinia

Are you getting ready for your holiday, or even just one weekend (Saturday – Sunday) and want to know what time ago today or tomorrow? You are in the right place. Here you will find detailed weather forecasts, with sea and Mistral wind reports, for each geographic area in which the island is divided.

See the news about the next few days regarding: sea, wind, temperature, of the region of Sardinia and specifically for the areas north-west, north-east, south-east, south, south-west, center-west and center. You can select the area of your interest and access in real time to the updated weather bulletin written by ARPAs and Lamma by clicking on the images.

The Sardinian island has a typical Mediterranean climate, characterized by hot summers (period June-July-August) and rather dry, mild autumns (period September-October) while the winters are never too cold. In fact, the temperature rarely drops below freezing. On the contrary in the beautiful season, the winds that lapping the Sardinian coasts make the warm summer temperatures more pleasant and will allow you to enjoy the beauties even for one weekend, 7 or 15 days.

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weather forecasts North West Sardinia

North West Sardinia

weather forecasts North East Sardinia

North East Sardinia

weather forecasts Sud East Sardinia

Sud East Sardinia

weather forecasts Sud Sardinia

Sud Sardinia

weather forecasts Sud West Sardinia

Sud West Sardinia

weather forecasts Central West Sardinia

Central West Sardinia

weather forecasts Central Sardinia

Central Sardinia