Where to spend 3 relaxing days: ideas for a holiday in Sardinia

where to spend 3 relaxing days

Feel the need to stay away, for a while, from the daily rout, from the stress of work and the various tasks that mark the day. You need, in other words, to know where to spend three days of relaxation. What about Sardinia?

But, before planning the journey, you have to choose what is your idea of relaxation.


Idea #1: the relax of the spa

When you think about spending a few days just to relax, and to restore body and mind, the first solution that comes immediately to mind is spa. And you’re imagining yourself in a structure that offers all the most modern wellness and relaxation treatments, from mud to hydro massage.

Sardinia is ready to welcome you. The most famous spas of Sardinia are four:

  • Sardara;
  • Fordongianus;
  • Benetutti;
  • Casteldoria.

You can choose to spend all three days in one of these locations, or you could visit one per day, enjoying a small tour in the central-northern part of the island.


Idea #2: the relax of the beaches

A wonderful sea, sand that looks like a long expanse of gold, the scents of the Mediterranean scrub that surrounds you: such a scene can be simply described as paradisiacal and will guarantee all the relaxation you are looking for this holiday.

In other words, why not spend three days on some of the most beautiful beaches you can see in Sardinia? Among the several, we recommend three that will not disappoint you:

  • La Pelosa, in Stintino;
  • Cala Spinosa, in Santa Teresa di Gallura;
  • Rena Majore, in the province of Olbia-Tempio.

Beaches that show their best side at the beginning of June, when the temperatures become excellent even for swimming.


Idea #3: the relax of Cannonau

With a dry and pleasant taste, with an intense colour, Cannonau is one of the most typical flavours of the Sardinian land. A flavor that you can taste directly in the areas of the island where it is produced. Following this itinerary:

  • Jerzu;
  • Tortolì;
  • Oliena;
  • Mamoiada.

Planning accurately the trip, in three days it will be possible to visit all four of them (especially if you consider that Jerzu and Tortolì are really close).


And to spend these long-awaited three days of relaxation, once you have chosen the idea that you like, there is only one thing to do: book the ferry trip to Sardinia.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/phalaenopsisaphrodite523

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