Where to ski in Sardinia: 4 ski resorts for your favorite sport

where to ski in Sardinia

Sea but not only: this island, located in the heart of the Tyrrhenian Sea, is also a destination for all winter sports fans. Especially for those who want to enjoy a holiday with their skis. You have just to know where to ski in Sardinia. And the answer to this question is represented by the snow of Gennargentu. In fact, here are the four main ski resorts in Sardinia.


1. Bruncu Spina

Mount Bruncu Spina is located in Fonni and is the most important winter resort of the whole Sardinia. The ski resort consists of three tracks plus one off-piste for a total of three kilometers. In addition, the ski resort has two ski lifts, a two-hundred meter long maneuver, a 800-square-foot skilift that reaches 1820 meters above sea level.


2. Mount Spada

Close to the Donnortei park, there is a small private ski station, equipped with two maneuvering and artificial snow system. Due to its features, Mount Spada is especially recommended for children and beginners.


3. S’Arena

Another small, fully equipped winter resort, located in S’Arena, on the desulese slope of Bruncu Spina: the ski lifts consist of a modern tapis-roulant and two maneuvers, and here you can rent all the equipment you need for skiing.

These first three ski resorts are part of the Bruncu Spina ski area.


4. Separadorgiu

Four kilometers away from the Bruncu Spina hut, in the homonymous village of Separadorgiu, there are about a kilometer of tracks that are completely immersed among firs and pines. Here you can rent the whole equipment for skiing.


How to get

As mentioned above, Bruncu Spina mount is located in the territory of the municipality of Fonni, which then becomes the best destination for those who want to ski in Sardinia. Starting from Arbatax, one of the main ports for ferries to Sardinia, to get to Fonni you have to:

  • Take the provincial road 27 until you reach the state road 389var;
  • Continue along state road 389var and state road 389 following the signs for Fonni.

The car journey takes about an hour. From Fonni, taking the provincial road 27, it takes about half an hour’s drive to get to Bruncu Spina.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/terzocchio

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