What to visit in Sardinia in autumn: 7 ideas for your holiday

what to visit in Sardinia in autumn

In the autumn, the Sardinia is a different island if you compare it with what you can see during the summer: there is less tourists and the temperatures are more than pleasant even in late October. Different but equally beautiful.

With its colors, flavors and fragrances, this is probably one of the best times to visit Sardinia. By knowing what to visit and what to do. In that regard, we can suggest seven great ideas for organizing the holiday.


1. Sea

If you are lucky, or particularly brave enough to challenge the water temperature, that is still around 15 ° C, the Sardinia in autumn can still give you the last baths of the year. To this you must add that the most beautiful beaches(such as Olbia, Golfo Aranci, Porto Torres, Cagliari) are virtually deserted, and therefore even more special.
If you can not dive into the sea, you will still have the chance to admire the unforgettable and scenic views.


2. Sport

The most sporty people will not regret having chosen Sardinia in autumn. It’s an island where you can practice all kinds of sport activities: trekking, diving, canyoning, caving, kitesurfing, windsurfing, along the coast as well as in the most beautiful islands of Sardinia. There’s nothing left to choose.


3. Events

During the autumn, festivals are organized in Sardinia, events that celebrate the traditional products and typicals of the island. Moreover, this is also the season of various religious events.


4. Autumn in Barbagia

This particular annual appointment deserves a special mention. Autumn in Barbagia is made up of a series of events that, from September to December, take place in various locations in Barbagia. An opportunity to discover (or rediscover) the immense heritage of Sardinia’s traditions, arts and crafts.


5. Nuraghi

Sardinia can be considered as a huge open-air museum. A museum where the precious testimonies of Nuragic civilization are preserved. Like those represented by the Nuraghi of Olbia, the Nuraghi of Porto Torres, or the Tomb of the giants of Olbia.


6. Gennargentu

The Gennargentu is a large mountain that rises in east center Sardinia. Thanks to the mild temperatures of this season, it becomes a true paradise for passionates of trekking and excursions.


7. Cities

Finally, in Sardinia in autumn you can visit its cities. And this season could give you the opportunity to visit two of them in particular: Cagliari and Olbia.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/mafe

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