What to eat in Cagliari: 14 dishes of the typical Sardinian cuisine

what to eat in Cagliari

The typical Sardinian cuisine is very varied, such as the cities of this island in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. And Cagliari is no exception: here’s what to eat during a holiday in the Sardinian capital city.


First courses:

  • Malloreddus a sa campidanesa: the Sardinian gnocchi, perhaps the most classic Sardinian pasta, is prepared with a tomato sauce, pork sausage and Sardinian pecorino.
  • Spaghetti with clams and bottarga;
  • Spaghittus cun arrizzonis: spaghetti prepared with sea urchins.
  • Fregula cun cocciula: fregola (a type of paste similar to couscous) with clams.
  • Panadas: a salty cake prepared with meat or eels.


Fish recipes:

  • Cocciula e cozzas a schiscionera: clams and mussels cooked in a pan.
  • Sa burrida a sa casteddaia: prepared with dogfish, nuts and vinegar.
  • Sa cassola: a soup prepared with fish, molluscs and crustaceans.
  • Orziadas: sea anemones fried.
  • Aligusta a sa casteddaia: lobster prepared with bay leaves, parsley, onion, celery, carrots and white vinegar.



  • Pardulas: small pies filled with ricotta cheese.
  • Sebadas: prepared with semolina, cheese and honey.
  • Candelaus: small cakes prepared with almonds, vanilla, orange blossoms and lemon zest.
  • Pabassinas: prepared with pastry, raisins, almonds, honey and grated lemon zest.


To taste the culinary specialties of the real Sardinian cuisine in Cagliari, there’s only one thing that you can do: book a ferry to Sardinia.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/birdies-perch

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