The 9 most beautiful places in Porto Torres: what to see during a holiday

what to see in Porto Torres

Choose what to see in Porto Torres means being ready to make a very special journey. To discover the many historical, cultural and natural attractions that this destination can offer its visitors.


1. Basilica di San Gavino

One of the most important religious buildings not only in Porto Torres but in the whole Sardinia. The Romanesque Basilica of San Gavino is characteristic for the marked difference between the grandiose facade, and the spartan interior.


2. Basilica di San Gavino a mare

It is a kind of large chapel, very simple and characteristic thanks to the white colour of its walls. The real spectacle, however, is offered by the place where it is located, from where you can enjoy the sea view of Porto Torres.


3. Palazzo di Re Barbaro

These are the central Roman baths, of which the outer walls remain today. The name means, literally, “palace of King Barbaro” and the origin is the name of the governor of the diocesi of Corsica et Sardinia.


4. Terme Maetzke and Terme Pallottino

Both these Roman thermae are part of the large Roman baths complex in Porto Torres, and are named after their discoverers. To be precise, the Terme Maetzke are the most eastern part of the complex, and the Terme Pallottino are the northernmost part. Both are famous for their floors enriched by mosaics.


5. Ponte Romano

Seven arches, 135 meters long, this bridge, that crosses Riu Mannu river, is the largest Roman bridge in Sardinia.


6. The most beautiful beaches

These are other of the main attractions in Porto Torres: the most beautiful beaches, must-see places during every holiday, are Balai, Scogliolungo, Acque Dolci, Renaredda, Farrizza.


7. Domus dei mosaici

The origin of the name of this historical attraction is represented by the mosaics that enrich this ancient Roman domus: the most important is definitely the famous Orpheus Mosaic.


8. Parco Nazionale dell’Asinara

A holiday in Porto Torres cannot be complete without visiting this natural area, situated on the homonymous island of Asinara.


9. The surroundings

If the town of Porto Torres is worth a visit, if you still have a bit of time available, there are the surroundings to discover: among the attractions not to be missed, there are, for example, nuraghi and domus de janas.


Well, now you know what to see in Porto Torres. And to discover all these wonderful attractions, there is only one thing that you have to do: book a ferry to Sardinia.


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