What to eat during a holiday in Sardinia: 15 dishes to taste

what to eat sardinia

Beaches in Sardinia are really beautiful, we all know it. But the sea can make you hungry, and you should know that this country has a great and ancient culinary tradition. If you’re asking what to eat in Sardinia, there are, at least, fifteen dishes that you should eat during your holiday.

  1. Malloreddus. Sardinian gnocchi are one of the most traditional dishes in this rich country. And one of the most famous dishes are the “malloreddus alla campidanese”, prepared with sausage, tomato and pecorino.
  2. Porchetto or Porcetto. Known with the (wrong) name “porceddu”, it’s a suckling pig, with a weight under 5 kilos or at least of 20 days, cooked for some hours.
  3. Lamb. Another thing that you should eat during your holiday in Sardinia. The lamb is prepared in various ways: stew with wild fennel, in the oven, with the saffron and tomato, with peas.
  4. Sardinian Pecorino. One of the most typical and characteristic tastes of this country: the Sardinian pecorino, both fresh or seasoned, is unique.
  5. Fiore Sardo. It’s a typical cheese of Gavoi, in the middle of Barbagia di Ollolai, in the province of Nuoro.
  6. Culurgioni. They are bran ravioli, usually filled with ricotta and spinaches or cheese.
  7. Cordula. They are the intestines of lambs or goat, filled with meat of the same animal and then cooked char-grilled.
  8. Pane Carasau. It shouldn’t need presentation. It’s a sort of a bread disc, intentionally thin and crisp.
  9. Pane Guttiau. It’s Pane Carasau, but seasoned with oil and salt.
  10. Cozze del Golfo. A dishes that you can easily find near Oliba. The mussels are prepared in soups, and tasted with pasta and green sauces or as filling for hot fritters.
  11. Bottarga. It comes from the dehydrated eggs of tuna or mullet. Eat it on the pasta: it’s a taste you won’t forget.
  12. Sa cassola. A typical fish soup of Cagliari. It’s prepared unifying fish of various types with tomato puree and chili pepper.
  13. Sa burrida. Another fish soup, typical of the northern zones of Sardinia. It’s prepared with pine nuts and walnuts.
  14. Pardulas. Here there are the desserts. Pardulas are disks of pastas baked in the oven, prepared with flour, egg and lard, and filled with pecorino, lemon bark and saffron.
  15. Pabassinas. They are small desserts prepared with flour, sultana grapes, walnut, egg, sugar, lemon and lard.

Now you know what to eat in Sardinia and you’re truly ready to leave for your holiday. But, once you’re there, don’t do this error: these dishes are accompanied only with typical wines of Sardinia, like the Cannonau, or the flavor won’t be the same.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/lonbinder

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