Vermentino: 4 places to taste this typical Sardinian wine

Vermentino of Sardinia

You know this: during any holiday, taste the culinary specialties is simply a must. The same is for wines. In particular, there is one become famous for its straw colour, the delicate aroma and a dry flavor. It’s the Vermentino of Sardinia.

And what better occasion than a holiday in Sardinia to discover the places where this wine is made? This four-stages itinerary will allow you to satisfy your palate and your wanderlust.

  1. Cagliari. The capital is one of the most beautiful places to see in Sardinia. The itineraries to visit the city and its surroundings are really several. Once you have choosen the type of vacation you would like to spend, you will always find a high quality Vermentino in restaurants and taverns.
  2. Nuoro. One of the parts of the island, where the traditions are still alive. And where, especially in Barbagia, there are several mall and picturesque villages. In many of these villages, every year, Autunno in Barbagia take place: this is the link to the 2015 edition.
  3. Oristano. It is the province of the traditional events (such as Sa Sartiglia), of the nuraghi, of villages such as Bosa (one of the most beautiful cities in Sardinia), of the most precious and least known beaches. Here, the Vermentino is always present on the tables.
  4. Sassari. One of the places to visit during a holiday in the north part of Sardinia. And where you can taste one of the best Vermentino wines.

Since you have a real passion for wine, we can give you another itinerary: the one to taste the best Cannonau.


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