Valentine’s Day 2016 in Sardinia: 3 ideas for your romantic vacation

Valentine’s Day 2016 in Sardinia

Valentine’s Day, the most romantic day of the year. A day that you’d like to spend in a special place, obviously with a special person. This is you idea for this winter journey. And now you need only to find the ideal destination where you can spend this romantic vacation.

Sardinia is the place that you’re looking for.


1. Cagliari

The first idea is Sardinian capital city. A very, very romantic place. Cagliari can offer unforgettable views, especially at dawn: quartiere Castello, parco Mote Claro, bastione di Saint Remy… From the top of Sella del Diavolo (a high promontory), you can admire the whole city.

At night, nothing is better than a pleasant candlelight dinner in one of the restaurants that you can find in the old town centre. Where you can taste the tasty Sardinian typical dishes.


2. Snow

Can you imagine a more romantic view than the one offered by the snow? A white blanket that covers everything, a fireplace, something to drink… On Gennargentu there are small mountain cabins you can rent.

Not everyone knows but in Sardinia you can even ski: the ski resort of Bruncu Spina is located on the slopes of Gennargentu.


3. Spas

The third idea to spend Valentine’s Day 2016 in Sardinia is the more relaxing. For spa holidays, Sardinia offers four wonderful locations: Sardara, Fordongianus, Benetutti and Casteldoria. Where you can spend a couple of days dedicated solely to relaxation with your better half.


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