Cascata di San Valentino: an idea during your Valentine’s Day in Sardinia

Valentine’s Day Sardinia: cascata di San Valentino

Valentine’s Day is forthcoming. And the destination that you have chosen to spend your romantic vacation is Sardinia. Even if you have already drawn up your trip plan, modify it and add this stage. Because the Cascata di San Valentino (“waterfall of Saint Valentine”) seems to be a perfect place to visit during the most romantic day of the year.


The waterfall

The waterfall of San Valentino is a unique place for a precise reason: it is the only waterfall of Sardinia in a village, in the municipality of Sadali to be precise, in the province of Cagliari. It is an about seven meters high waterfall.


A pleasant walk

Just in front of the waterfall, there is the church of San Valentino. The oldest part of the Byzantine-style church was built in IX-X century. In 1600, some side chapels were added. While the bell tower was built in the mid-Twentieth century.

The waters of the waterfall plunge into Sa Ucca Manna: it is a sort of underground “small gorge” that leads water to the fields of Sadali. Sa Ucca Manna is fenced and is bordered by a stone path.


How to get to cascata di San Valentino

To get to Sadali from Cagliari:

  • Take the state highway 131 to Monastir
  • From Monastir, take the state highway 128 following the road signs to Mandas
  • From Mandas, take the state highway 198 and follow the road signs to Sadali

The journey by car takes 1 hour and 45 minutes.


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