Urban hiking Sardinia: the 2016 edition of Trekking urbano in Cagliari

  • Published: 13-09-2016
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urban hiking Sardinia: Trekking urbano in Cagliari 2016


There are several ways to discover a city. Your favourite one is: urban hiking. And the Sardinian capital city is a place that you like to visit. There’s an event that is perfect for you: October 31st, 2016, will be the day of Trekking urbano in Cagliari.


The urban hiking

The possibility to combine sport, art, tastings and the lesser-known places of the Sardinian capital city: this is what Trekking urbano in Cagliari can offer you. Urban hiking is a very peculiar kind of tourism: it’s suitable for all ages, good for body and mind, and it allows you to discover places and atmospheres far from the “traditional” tourist routes.


The trails:

  • The Sella del Diavolo (a high promontory);
  • La fede e il verde a Villanova (one of Cagliari’s historic neighbourhoods);
  • Le vie degli angeli (“the roads of the angels”);
  • From Sant’Elia village to Sant’Ignazio fort;
  • The underground tunnels between Stampace and Marina (two Cagliari’s historic neighbourhoods);
  • Cagliari: a path of integration;
  • In the footsteps of Madonna di Bonaria;
  • In the footsteps of Sant’Efisio;
  • Discover the signs of the faith;
  • Biddanoa tour;
  • All saints tour – Il tour dei santi della città;
  • Ca-stelle tour;
  • Popular tour;
  • Daily Karalis – Discover Castello (one of Cagliari’s historic neighbourhoods);
  • Tra Sella e stelle.


Further information

For further information about the 2016 edition of Trekking urbano in Cagliari (complete program, any changes), you can visit the official fanpage of the event.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/manel

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