Trip to Asinara island: 5 reasons to visit this place

trip to Asinara island

You are spending a holiday in Porto Torres, on Sardinia north coast. A trip to Asinara island is an experience that you cannot miss. Because the island is very, very near, it’s easy to reach. There is only one thing that you have to know: what to see on Asinara island?

There are (at least) five good reasons to visit this place, one of the most beautiful island of Sardinia:

  1. The beaches. They are one of the main reasons for which a people visit this island every day. Beaches, and there’s no need to say, are wonderful. Do you need some suggestions? There are Cala Reale, Cala d’Arena, cala d’Oliva, Cala Sant’Andrea and Cala Sabina.
  2. Trekking. All hikers will be very, very happy to visit the island of Asinara. Among the several paths there are Sentiero del granito (“granite path”), Sentiero dell’acqua (“water path”) and Sentiero dell’asino bianco (“white donkey path”). These paths are the best way to discover the island of Asinara.
  3. Diving. Even in this case, divers won’t be disappointed by Asinara Island: its sea is wonderful both on the surface and in depth. Some places where you can go? There are cala Tumbarino, punta Agnadda, punta Pedra Bianca.
  4. The white donkey. It is the symbol of the entire island, you will see it almost everywhere on Asinara.
  5. What to eat. During a trip to Asinara island you have to taste the typical dishes of this place: “pane con purpugia e cipolle”, “malloreddus alla campidanese”, “fregola con arselle”, “panadas”.

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