Sardinia: what to see during a holiday in Tortolì

Tortolì SardiniaYou are on the coast of Ogliastra, one of the most beautiful regions in Sardinia. Here rises Tortolì. And this will be the destination of your next vacation. But do you know what are the most important things to see?

Area ex batteria – It includes the entire promontory of Arbatax. The “battery” is a strategic military still: there are thirteen buildings that housed the soldiers.

Lo stagno di Tortolì – It’s a 220 hectares pond, one of the most fishy in Sardinia. Thanks to this characteristic, the pond became an important place for commercial fishing: especially along the south coast, several buildings and constructions survived.

Arbatax – It’s the coastal hamlet of Tortolì municipality. Arbatax is a small town, where the things to see are Rocce Rosse (“the red rocks”), Marina and the tower of San Gemiliano.

Chiesa di Sant’Andrea Apostolo – In classical style, located in the center of town, is the main church of Tortolì.

Chiesa di Sant’Anna – This church is located in the center of town, too. The facade is very simple, the roof is vaulted, and it was built in 1881.

Chiesa di Sant’Antonio Abate – A religious building, built in the Twelfth Century.

Area archeologica attrezzata S’Ortali ‘e su Monti – It is located to the southeast of Tortolì. It is a seven hectares archeological area where there are a nuraghe, a tomba dei giganti (“tomb of the giants”), two menhirs, a village of circular huts, a domus de janas, and a second nuraghe.

Faro di Bellavista – One of the most important lighthouses of Sardinia. It rises on the homonymous promontory, near Arbatax port.

Torre di San Miguel – This tower, recently restored, will become the Museum of the Sea of Tortolì.

Beaches – Considering that this holiday is on Sardinia East cost, it can be the occasion to see some of the most beautiful beaches in Ogliastra, such as cala Goloritzé, cala Luna, cala Sisine.

These are the most important things to see in Tortolì. To discover the other, you have to do just one thing: book a ferry ticket to Sardinia.


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