Time in jazz 2018: the program to live a summer in music

  • Published: 18-05-2018
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Time in jazz 2018

In the summer, Sardinia is not just the island of the beaches. In this season, in fact, it also becomes the island of jazz, with many important events that attract fans from all over Italy (and not only). And one of the most anticipated is Time in Jazz: the 2018 edition will be held from 8 to 16 August.


The 2018 program

Every year, the Time in Jazz program can boast artists of national and international caliber which are flanked by young promises. And the 2018 edition will certainly not be an exception:

  • August 8: William Greco piano solo | Giovanni Gaias Trio | Enrico Zanisi, Gabriele Evangelista, Emanuele Maniscalco trio | Greta Panettieri.
  • August 9: Leila Shirvani e Asja Valcic duo | Gabriele Evangelista Quartet | Jan Lundgren with Mattias Svensson & String Quartet “A tribute to Jan Johansson”.
  • August 10: fanfaraï | Jan Lundgren piano solo “Biasi’s Lands” | Matteo Bortone ClarOscuro | Lumină.
  • August 11: Vincenzo Saett, Gabrio Baldacci, Pasquale Mirra | Marco Bardoscia and Matteo Bortone duo | Fanfaraï.
  • August 12: Stefano Tamborrino Seacup | Vincenzo Saetta, Michele Penta, Ernesto Bolognini TriApology | rava tribe | Gianluca Petrella with Mop Mop e Pasquale Mirra – “Time is over #01”
  • August 13: Francesco Diodati Blackline | Francesco Lento, Enrico Zanisi, Luca Bulgarelli trio | Nils Landgren funk unit | Gianluca Petrella with dj Khalab e altri – “Time is over #02”.
  • August 14: Nils Landgren, Francesco Diodati duo | Gegè Munari Quartet | Steve Coleman & Five Elements | Gianluca Petrella with dj Gruff “Time is over #03”.
  • August 15: Pierpaolo Vacca organetto solo “Jazz and popular tradition between past and future” | Dhafer Youssef “Diwan of beauty and odd” | Fanfaraï plus guests.
  • August 16: Plus 39 | Paolo Fresu, Dhafer Youssef Duo.


How to get

The scheduled concerts will take place in various locations. But the heart of Time in jazz will be Berchidda, reachable from Olbia, one of the main ports where ferries to Sardinia dock.

  • Take the 729 national road towards Sassari;
  • Take the provincial road 62;
  • Follow the directions for Berchidda.

The journey by car, which you can take on the ferry, takes about half an hour.


Still wanting jazz?

Time in jazz is not the only one, as already mentioned, of the great jazz events that animate the summer in Sardinia. There are also Cala Gonone jazz festivals, on the borders between Sardinia and jazz, Musica sulle Bocche and Time in Sassari. That will allow you to live a journey dedicated to your favorite music.


More information

For more information on the 2018 edition of Time in jazz (eventual changes of dates and schedules, how to participate, location, tickets), you can consult the official website of the event, Timeinjazz.it.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/38355353@N00

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