A holiday dedicated to relaxation at Sardara thermal baths: here’s how to reach them

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An entire year of work and stress. You absolutely need a little and totally relaxing holiday. Better if in an unforgettable place such as Sardinia. It’s not a casualty if you’re thinking of Sardara thermal baths. Now you just need to know how to reach them.


The thermal baths

They’re one of the oldest thermal baths in Sardinia: the thermal complex rises up on a place which was known and appreciated from the Nuragic era thanks to the healthy properties of its waters. Waters that are bicarbonate-alkaline and hyperthermal: they gush from five sources with a temperature between 58 and 60°C.

The thermal complex is in a thick and luxuriant wood of eucalyptus. It offers aesthetic and healing treatments.


How to reach Sardara thermal baths

Sardara thermal baths are in the locality of Santa Maria Acquas, in the province of Medio Campidano. The best way to reach it is taking the state road 131 Carlo Felice (which takes from Cagliari to Oristano) and follow the road signs to Sardara. Once you arrive in Sardara, follow the road signs to Santa Maria Acquas.

  • From Cagliari, one of the main tourist port of Sardinia, the trip takes about 40 minutes by car.
  • From Oristano, at the center of the western coast of Sardinia, the trip takes about 30 minutes by car.

In both cases, we suggest to you to move by car.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/portobaytrade

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